It is very important that you remember that diets of any kind were made to be followed. If you make substitutions to during the program, don’t be surprised when your diet plan fails! What we endorse are lifetime rules NOT trendy diets or block dieting programs where days of dieting equals pounds of weight reduction.

The aging process, starting at approximately age  40  is unkind to all. Small recurrent mistakes in your diet will lead to weight gain. When this happens you will think that you are not eating any different than before. Therefore it is essential you think before you eat.

The simple rule is that if it exists naturally it's probably OK holds true for the most part. Most of the high calorie mistakes committed occur with man made foods. You can't find cheese, oil or processed meats occurring naturally. Small quantities of oils, nuts and fruits are good but we here in the USA tend to over do it. The majority of   people in the USA are overweight.

Remember that your body is going to be adjusting a new diet. Your body’s metabolism (the way your body gets energy) will be changing but more importantly our diet philosophy focus is around training  YOU  not to fuel your body incorrectly. We rather teach you lifetime rules than follow a daily pre-fixed diet program. It is important that you remember that important fact.

If you eat to live we can surely help. However, if you love to eat it will require a mind set shift. We can help you find it for yourself but ultimately the success of  weight reduction and it's maintenance is dependent on you finding this mental hook to keep you on track. You have all heard of people trying to quit smoking with all efforts failing until one day they just stopped and never went back to it! They found their mental hook.

Your body does not like to have severe alterations in diet. There is an adjustment period that your body will go through to accept this new diet. DON’T make the critical mistake of going off and on this program or make substitutions YOU feel are OK. If that were the case you would be writing and coaching this weight reduction and maintenance program and not us. The changes in metabolism and food selection training can be wasted with one night of unrestrained eating. If you know your going into situations that the program does not allow for our program, CALL US FOR TIPS! rather than going off the diet ( even temporarily ).

Words about rapid weight loss diets. Those diets that cause severe weight loss in several weeks can cause chemical alterations in body function and result in serious side effects. Some side effects of crash dieting programs that we see are significant hair loss, usually occurring weeks to months after dieting or gallbladder malfunction, requiring surgery in some cases.   

Now for the program essentials ........... this is a TEMPLATE .... it gives you an idea ... we make  changes from here based on your size and activity level ...  so this is not exactly the program for YOU!



Cereals we recommend; Fiber One, Puffins or Kashi (Plain), measure one cup and eat with skim milk.

You may have non-calorie liquid with this. If you want coffee, add either skim milk or non-fat powdered cream substitute. Avoid juices and whole milk.

Don't skip breakfast!

As  alternatives to cereal, we recommend that several days a week you make substitutions with a MET-RX Protein Plus  or a MYOPLEX-Lite drink. If you wish, you can have a rice cake along with the  16 ounce protein drink. The drinks come in several flavors. YES ... YES ... YES ... the drink option with or without the rice cake is more calories than the cereal but the protein and minerals are worth it. In addition, despite the additional calories we have not seen any less weight loss in patients.Another option, make a small carton of egg beaters or egg whites along with 2 slices of low calorie whole wheat bread (usually ~30 - 40 calories per slice). 

Between any of the meals you may have one RICE CAKE or a small bathroom (Kidde) cup full of Kashi or Fiber One cereal. You are allowed up to 4 rice cakes or  4 small (Kidde) cups of cereal a day. We recommend that you have them between meals or prior to bed if you are hungry. You don’t have to have them!  REMEMBER .... if you eat a rice cake or cereal,  YOU MUST DRINK AT LEAST 12 OUNCES OF NON-CALORIE LIQUID ALONG WITH IT!   Examples are water, seltzer, club soda and diet sodas.

The rice cakes you pick must be NORMAL size, not the jumbo size. If they are flavored check the calories per cake to make sure that they are not significantly higher than the un-flavored type.



You make the salad. Make sure not to add fruit. Fruit is not in this diet !!! There are too many calories in fruit. The salad that you make can be as big as you like. Don’t include olives or avocado. Depending on other medical conditions you may have you may be able to use some preserved peppers or pickles. Make sure to check the calorie content. These items usually have little  calories. The down side is that they are usually very high in sodium content. In, addition to the salad, you must have 12 ounces of liquid along with it. Depending on the doctors evaluation they may or may not allow one or several slices of low sodium turkey breast  or sliced chicken on the salad.



First Option: Dinner with a large salad, steamed vegetables, protein dish of fish, chicken or beef and one carbohydrate. Desert strawberries or blueberries and a tablespoon of can whipped cream. More options with discussion with us. Portion size is critical. Like the joke of the person with a drinking problem ... I have one drink a day but the glass is VERY LARGE. Portion size is key. We use larger salads and steamed vegetables to make the fill. Be very careful not to use toppings, oils or calorie dressings on any portion of dinner. Go over all toppings with the doctor.

Second Option with (2) dinners eaten:The first, usually at 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM , the second at 7:00 PM or 8:00PM. You may choose to have both at the same time, it's your choice. The dinners that you can have are MODULAR with this option. DO NOT COOK YOURSELF !

The modular dinners that we recommend are;




Each dinner must be taken with 12 ounces of liquid. Remember, this is a modular program DO NOT MAKE substitutions! Don't eat and go to bed! Retire at least 2 hours hours later. If you don't chose the modular diet plan, SAVE THE TRAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask the doctor how to use them.


Brush your teeth and tongue after every meal and most of all dinner!!!




Additionally you should take a multivitamin with minerals daily.

Other herbs and minerals can be discussed on an individual basis.

You must buy a weight scale and weigh yourself daily.

The weights can be recorded on a simple ruled piece of paper. For a visual perspective, chart your weight on graph paper. Ask the doctor if there are any questions on how to do this.

The meal that is described in "LUNCH"   can be switched with the meal(s) after 5 P.M.  This may allow some variation in the feeding schedule if work routines require eating at odd times.

Once you get to the weight you want BUY NEW CLOTHES OR TAILOR THE OLD ONES!  DO NOT KEEP TWO OR THREE SETS OF CLOTHES ! The fat days are gone so lets move on!

Now after you have lost the weight, take the next step and look better!

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